The importance of supporting small business

‘The dream doesn’t come true overnight, but the daily 1%ers make it seem like that’
As the owner of "Season Collective," I have a personal connection to the importance of supporting small businesses. Growing up in a rural area of Australia, I know firsthand the challenges of living in a community with limited opportunities. For me, the only way to "get out" so to speak, was to pursue my dreams through my sporting pathways. This experience taught me the value of hard work and dedication, and the importance of earning the right to become something. Although that ‘dream’ was swept over with the typical injuries, life lessons and the cut throat nature of sports - you still gain the life experience through all the mates, coaches, staff you meet along the journey.
However In this case, that “something" is one of those brands that can afford to sell cheaper and has everyone's support. But as a small business owner, I also understand the challenges of competing with larger businesses that have a higher minimum order quantity (MOQ) and can offer lower prices.
However, I believe that supporting small businesses with low MOQ and lower profit margins is important for a number of reasons. By shopping these businesses/brands, you are helping to create and sustain local jobs and contribute to the local economy. And in ‘season collectives’ case you are supporting creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial mindsets that can help show and prove to the generations that come along that it doesn’t matter where your from or what you “thought” your journey was meant to be - you can still leverage from everything you have learnt from one pathway and use it to CREATE your next successes!!
In conclusion, while it may be tempting to opt for the cheaper prices offered by larger businesses and brands, supporting the small businesses with lower MOQ and lower profit margins not only helps to contribute to the local community and economy, but also supports creativity, innovation, and the people behind it all. So next time you shop, consider supporting a small business like "Season Collective" and make a positive impact on the world.
We love and appreciate everyone, whether you have brought something from us or not - we are grateful for you reading in.
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